Home Sports Betting What are the easiest sports to bet on and win for beginners?

What are the easiest sports to bet on and win for beginners?

What are the easiest sports to bet on and win for beginners?

There is no sure thing in life. It’s true, and especially so in the world of sports betting. But hey, that’s what makes betting so much fun, right? Still, as someone new to the world of sports betting you’ll want a few tips to make things easier. So, what do you look for when deciding to place a bet?

Most experienced sports betters say that you want to bet where you can get the best odds. They also say that having the widest range of sports and betting options is key. You want a sportsbook that offers more than just football betting, especially if you want to wager on basketball or soccer.

But when you have a huge sportsbook available, deciding on the easiest sports bet to win is not easy and it requires having to watch a lot of different types of sports. Of course, knowing your teams is a great way to find the easiest bets. So, if you know about recent injuries or certain new players, this knowledge can factor into the end result and make your sporting odds more favorable. At any rate here are 5 great sports that are easy to bet on.


This is a huge industry and there are thousands of fans around the world and just as many sbobet sites. The world of soccer can seem a little overwhelming at first because you can bet on the number of corners, free kicks, penalties and even on the number of cards given by the referee. Of course, this is where knowing about a team can help. But when you are unfamiliar with the game, then you can choose something like a basic who will win the match bet. In most cases, the favored team wins, however, this also means smaller odds and less money.


Tennis is another sport where you may easily win. This may not be a mainstream sport in the US, but it is wildly popular in the betting arena because the tennis calendar is set up with matches being played every day. Another plus is that the tennis governing bodies have placed a lot of data and metrics available to the public. These are metrics you can study to better call your bets.

UFC Fights

UFC fighters are ranked according to their wins, losses and performance in the Octagon. This data allows you to place more informed bets. Most UFC fights are three rounds and Championship fights are five. So, for instance, if a young rookie is rising, he will eventually get a title fight. The Champion is the more experienced fighter, but the young rookie would also have stamina in his favor.


Darts is also considered a betting sport. There are two professional organizations, the British Darts Organization and the Professional Darts Corporation. Unlike other sports, darts does not require an athlete to be in peak performance condition. You just have to have good eyes and know how to throw.


The United States Bowling Congress (USBC) allows for gambling on a bowling competition through bowling brackets. Bracket bets pit the bowler’s skill against the skill of another. Again, in professional bowling the USBC keeps a lot of data on players which allows you to consider the age, winnings, losses and injury factors of a player.