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Getting A Better Understanding of A Poker Bluff When You Play Against Players Online


The ability to play – and win – in Poker is a skill that requires your ability to know when someone is bluffing. There are some things that show off potential bluffs for those that are trying to stay in a game even when they have a bad hand.

The Cards That Are Played

You cannot tell what cards people are holding, but you can pay attention to the cards that people are playing. If they are playing bad cards and constantly engaging in upping the pot, there is a chance that they are bluffing. Even players with a good hand are going to be somewhat hesitant about going all in. The person that is too quick and anxious to go all in when it comes to their Poker chips could very well be trying to get into the mind of the person that they are playing against. Big bets can be a sign of bluffing, so it makes sense to pay attention to this.

Don’t Be Afraid to Raise

Another way that you can call out the bluffer is to raise them when they bet. They will stand down if they have a bad hand because they are not willing to lose it all. Your ability to read between the lines is going to be vital because this is the only way that you will have a chance to win. If the player is bluffing, they are going to hesitate when you raise with your own bid. Sometimes you may even have to go all in. This gives you a better feel for those that are bluffing when you play situs poker online.

The Length of Time They Take to Play

When you are playing against someone that takes a long time to play you may be able to read a bluff. You cannot see the play, but their hesitation is an indication of a bad hand and a possible bluff.