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The Differences Between TAG and LAG players With Online Poker


The TAG Method

1) The choices are straightforward, much like sex. “This is the way we have always done it and works for us.”

2) You do not go outside the bounds of normalcy. You only take advantage of the flop when it is smaller. In other words, vanilla boys do not like too much energy or pleasure. They like to work with what they know.

3) You do not deviate from the path. You do not like a lot of variances. Your world is built around comfort. You do not like to take too many chances.


This is why a lot of people compare strategies like this to sex. You do not like too many choices taking over your life. In some ways, you can also relate the TAG approach to Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory. It becomes too much when you have too many choices and levels. You are not big on change.

The LAG Approach

1) The larger the risk, the more excited you feel, much like sex.

2) Your aggressive approach will be well-rewarded when you win.

3) You could be seen as unpredictable and/ or feared. Now, that does not relate to sex, but not everything does. The good news is that you will rarely leave money on the table when you are finished.

The one downside to this strategy is the risks will become increasingly higher as you make it to the next level. You will need to take more risks to achieve the initial feeling you got the first time around, much like a drug. The other downside is that you can get too involved, becoming kind of a maniac at times as you play. How far is too far? That is up to you to decide.

Who Is the Winner?

As I mentioned before, both strategies have their merits when it comes to situs judi online. However, if you want to take your pleasure to the next level, players do tend to opt for the LAG approach.