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A History of Poker

A History of Poker

Poker is a classic card game of skill and chance. This is one of the most popular card games that people use for gambling and recreational purposes. It is also played as a competition and some people even make poker playing into a full time career. Poker is a part of modern life that will fade away anytime soon. Keep reading to understand poker and its unique history. Once you do, you just might find yourself sitting at a card table trying to bluff your way to riches while playing this game.

Where did poker begin?

Poker doesn’t have a single origin. The game evolved from various sources. Certain cultures such as the Chinese played a variation of the game during the 10th century. The Persians played a game known As Nas. This game was almost played the same as Poker, except with a few major differences. We’ll talk more about As Nas in a moment. The French played a game called Poque and the Germans had a card game called pochen. Even the Spanish had a card game that contributed to the formation of this game. The name of this recreational activity was called Primero. The main thing to remember is that the modern game of poker evolved from different sources.

As Nas and its Influence on Poker

We already mentioned the Persian game of As Nas and its influence on poker. This game helped to establish the basic structure of poker play. As Nas was in Persia since the 1600s. Persian sailors who traveled the world took the game to different ports. Some Persian sailors ended up in New Orleans. Once they were there, they started to show the locals and other sailors how to play this game. It started to catch on the port areas around America and the game slowly spread out to the interior portions of the United States.

Poker Slowly Gains Popularity

Poker didn’t catch on right away with everyone. It was slow to spread because societies in those days were not fond of cards or gambling. From 1600 to the late 1800’s, European monarchies and other notable rulers started to learn this game. However, it still had trouble with mainstream appeal. Early American colonists and people throughout Europe were adding rules, changing up game play and creating their own versions of this game. Poker started to catch on at bars, saloons and other public places where men gathered for recreation, fun, gambling and adult entertainment.

By the early part of the 20th century, poker (e.g. 389poker) had evolved into the game we play today. The game was tweaked for about another 70 years. In the early 1970s poker competitions began to emerge. Eventually, professional poker players emerged. Once the 21st century arrived, poker was a standard game in casinos. Poker has evolved over the years. However, it remains one of the most beloved card games in history. So, put on your poker face, ante up and go all in to see if you have a winning hand.