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Why do Indonesians love to gamble online?

Why do Indonesians love to gamble online?

Indonesia is a popular tourist destination in Asia. The country has beautiful sights and attracts tourists from all corners of the world. Tourists expecting to enjoy the nightlife in the country and visit bars and casinos may be disappointed to find out that there are no bars or gambling venues in the country.

Indonesia is a Muslim majority country, and the prevalent rules and regulations are implemented according to Islamic laws. Since gambling is strictly prohibited in Islam, the Indonesian government has also imposed a strict ban on all kinds of gambling.

Despite the strict prohibitory measures, online gambling remains a popular practice in the country. While online gambling is also not legalized in the country, the associated laws are quite ambiguous, and online casinos leverage the obscurity in the laws to their advantage.

The locals enjoy online gambling for a variety of reasons. Let’s look at a few of them.

Privacy and safety

Since gambling is forbidden, playing at an online casino is not without risk. However, individuals can choose to play on online platforms in seclusion. The online casinos provide them the opportunity to play from the safety and comfort of their homes without worrying about their privacy or identity being revealed.


The biggest advantage that the internet and digitalization provide is convenience. Gambling at an situs judi online casino is, without a doubt, far more convenient than a traditional casino. With online casinos, individuals do not have to travel anywhere to gamble. They can easily open gambling sites from their desktops, pc or mobile devices anywhere and anytime they want.

High entertainment value

You may be surprised to know that while the state strictly prohibits gambling, it is deeply ingrained into the culture and traditional practices in the country. Since the olden days, the locals have been known to enjoy various kinds of gambling games with their peers or family. The betting games have been considered fun to pass free time or make get-togethers more fun and entertaining. Therefore, it is not surprising that as soon as online casinos began offering their services in the country, many people jumped at the opportunity and opted to play their favorite games at online casinos.

A large variety of games

Another factor that has made online gambling so popular in the country is that casino sites offer a large variety of games. The games offer multiple variations and different features that appeal to diverse groups and have different playing preferences. Since the facility of land-based casinos is not available in the country, online sites offer all the games that can be found in the traditional casino so that individuals can enjoy multiple games.