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Online Poker: Tournaments vs. Cash Games

Online Poker: Tournaments vs. Cash Games

Intro to Tournament Vs. Cash


These two options are by far the most common overall types. A cash game is only played on one table, but tournament games are often played on more than one. If you’re playing a cash game, then it’s usually done through chips, plus there’s a min and a max for the table. In tournaments, everyone buys in for chips at the table itself, so everyone has the same amount of initial tournament chips There’s also a big difference where you have more control in a cash game in terms of when you leave the table.


Tournament Games


Tournament games play through to the end. You really can’t just leave and return whenever you want. Instead, you make an initial buy-in where you exchange cash for tournament chips. Then, the tournament only ends when one person has all of the chips from everyone else who is in the tournament. At this point, players receive money based on where they finished in the tournament, so it’s not something that’s based on chips directly. It’s just based on rank and how you finished in the tournament. It goes straight through to the end when there’s one champion.


Cash Games


In a cash game, it’s a one-off kind of thing. You can leave the table whenever you want, and then go exchange your chips back for cash. It’s something that you do at your will and not something that just plays through to the end. Cash games have blinds that stay consistent for each hand based on the stakes instead of the way it is in tournaments where you have an increase in the blind over a certain duration such as every 15 minutes, for example. Cash games are the standard way to play 홀덤사이트 poker and are the most common. These types of games are everywhere. There can be a lot of variation between games, however, with different rules like no-limit pots or max and min options that vary wildly.


Major Differences


In a cash game, if you lose all of your chips, you can buy in again as often as you want or as often as you have money. In a tournament game, if you lose all of your chips, you are out of the tournament for good and you can’t play anymore at all. Tournament games are wildly different since it’s all about ending up with the entire pot of chips and not controlling how much money you want to win or cutting your losses. You have to go straight to the end.