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Five Online Soccer Betting Tips to get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Five Online Soccer Betting Tips to get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Betting on soccer can get pretty complicated and intense. While betting on pro and college football is all the rage in the United States, soccer betting is on the same such scale in Europe.

Yet soccer betting is similar to Major League Baseball and the NHL in that a money line is used. There are a couple of major differences, especially involving draws which aren’t an option in baseball betting. However, usually the spread that is employed by the NFL and NBA deals with a larger margin of victory. In sports betting such as baseball and soccer, usually the margin is a single run or goal.

Here are five tips on how to get the odds in your favor with online soccer betting.


1) Understanding the money line

In order to capably bet on soccer, you need to understand the money lines soccer bets are usually placed, more info on: บ้านผลบอล. Usually, there are three outcomes with either the home team winning, the visiting team winning, or a draw. One of the money lines will have a minus sign in front of the numbers (example: -200) as indication that this is the favored outcome. This means that you must bet $20 in order to get a $10 return ($30 in all) if the team you bet on wins. If the money line shows +150 for a team, that means you bet $10, you get a return of $15 ($25 in all).


2) Be up to date with soccer news

Regardless of what the odds are, you should update yourself on the teams in question. Which one is faring well? Which one needs to do well? Try and familiarize yourself with key players on each team and see how they are performing as of late. You don’t want to make a bet based on information that is weeks old.


3) Keep an eye on the possibilities of a draw

Soccer can end in a draw and it is much more likely than in football. Therefore, don’t be afraid to bet on the draw if you think a match-up is too close to call. Many times, the result turns out 1-1 or 0-0 and the draw ends up being the winning play.


4) Home field advantage is really big

More than any other sport, soccer usually has a huge home field advantage. Though home turf wasn’t what it once was in European leagues, the home team still wins roughly half of the time. The rest gets divided between an away win and a draw which are fairly equal. This is why soccer pundits say you must defend your home turf in order to have a good season.


5) Teams that can consistently score goals are well-backed

A defensive-minded squad tends to allow the draw to come into play a bit more in pursuing a positive result. So a team that is very good offensively often tends to limit the draw play. If they are playing at home, they could have a greater advantage than most teams. So keep an eye for those high-scoring squads when they are at home.


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